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Financial Incentives

Municipal Programs

Success begets success, and Hamilton’s environment, people and work ethic attracts a significant pool of new businesses, all aligned with Hamilton’s economic development programs and keep our city on a positive economic trajectory. Below is a comprehensive list of the incentives and programs offered by the City of Hamilton. The City of Hamilton offers a number of programs for property owners and developers to help offset costs of improvements and conversions of brownfields, heritage properties, core area properties and buildings and LEED certified buildings.

Downtown Hamilton, Community Downtowns, Business Improvement Areas (BIAs), the Mount Hope / Airport Gateway, and the Commercial Corridors Program

The City of Hamilton offers financial incentive programs in the form of loans and grants to assist with various costs associated with development in Downtown Hamilton, Community Downtowns, Business Improvement Areas (BIAs), the Mount Hope/Airport Gateway, and the commercial corridors as identified in the Downtown and Community Renewal Community Improvement Project Area By-law. There are also financial incentives for properties designated under the Ontario Heritage Act. The Downtown and Community Renewal Community Improvement Plan provides the basis through which these programs are provided. In addition, municipal Development Charges (DC) are reduced by 70% within a defined area of Downtown Hamilton (as of July 6, 2019 the exemption will be at 60%). A developer will receive an additional dollar for dollar exemption for 10% of the remaining 30%  municipal development charges to be paid if they contribute dollar for dollar 10% of the development charges to be paid to the Downtown Public Art Reserve. 100% of Education Development Charges are required to be paid. The current Development Charges By-law expires on July 5, 2019.

Portrait of Carlo Gorni

Carlo Gorni

Coordinator, Urban Renewal Incentives
905-546-2424 ext. 2755

Brownfields / ERASE Program

The City of Hamilton’s Environmental Remediation and Site Enhancement (ERASE) Community Improvement Plan is a comprehensive set of programs designed to encourage and promote brownfield redevelopment. As its name suggests, the Plan is designed to “erase” brownfields by providing financial incentives to clean them up and replace them with productive economic land uses, thereby improving both economic opportunities and environmental conditions in the City.

Properties within the ERASE Community Improvement Project Area are eligible for the programs, subject to meeting the program requirements contained in the ERASE Plan and all other requirements of the City.

These programs include:

  • Study Grant
  • Redevelopment Grant
  • Education Tax Assistance
  • The Hamilton Downtown/West Harbourfront Remediation Loan Program (RLP)
  • Municipal Acquisition and Partnership
  • Development Charge Reduction
  • Brownfield Examples

The City’s Economic Development and Real Estate Division manages the ERASE programs. This single point-of-contact provides ERASE applications guidance, brownfield information and access to regulatory and planning contacts. Also serves as an advocate and liaison between City departments, other government agencies and participating brownfield partners.

Learn more about the program, contact:

Brownfield Office 
Economic Development Division
Phone: (905)546-2424 ext. 2359

Portrait of Phil Caldwell

Phil Caldwell 

Senior Project Manager, Urban Renewal
905-546-2424 ext. 2359