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Hamilton Household Income: Then & Now

Hamilton's median Household Income is growing

Recently released data from the 2021 census allows for a deeper understanding of household income patterns in the City of Hamilton. While the current data sets do not allow for a drilldown into the pre-amalgamation Hamilton boundaries, this post presents household income trends for Hamilton’s four electoral districts.

Data from the 2016 census showed that in 2015 Hamilton’s median after-tax household income was $66,193. In comparison, the 2021 census showed that in 2020 median after-tax household income increased to $75,500. This represents a 14.1% increase between the two census periods. Note: these figures have been inflation adjusted to 2020 dollars using the national all-goods consumer price index. This allows for meaningful comparison between the two time periods that captures the impact of inflation between 2015 and 2020.

The following table breaks down the income trends across Hamilton’s federal electoral districts, all of which reflect an increase in inflation-adjusted median household income.

Source: Census 2016 and Census 2021. Median After-tax Household Income. 2015 income data are inflation adjusted to 2020 dollars using an all goods CPI calculation.

As more data become available from the 2021 census and other data sources, Hamilton Economic Development will provide updates to these data that shape a greater insight on how the extensive inflation seen in 2021 has impacted Hamilton’s households and businesses.

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