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Hamilton combines all the benefits of a lively, well-connected, culturally diverse downtown core with suburban spaces, the beautiful surroundings of Lake Ontario, and the Niagara Escarpment. You can enjoy parks, trails, waterfalls, and quiet neighbourhoods that are further from the city centre. Hamilton is an affordable alternative to other large cities in the region, such as Mississauga and Toronto.

Snapshot of the Affordable Cost of Living in Hamilton

Business women sitting on a desk

Ability to find work and living arrangements within city limits, meaning less time and money spent by employees on commuting.

A man in a business suit riding a bicycle down a busy street

Opportunities for a fulfilling career with minimal commuting translates to increased productivity for employees.

A group of people walking past a wall with colourful graffiti.

Living close to work gives employees more time for personal pursuits and recreation, improving life-work balance.


As of November 2021, the average selling price of a house in Hamilton was $784,054 compared to an average of $1,054,992 in nearby Toronto.
Invest here
Real estate investment in Hamilton provides greater returns over time–housing prices are rising faster year-over-year compared to Toronto.
Dream Home
Unlike other nearby cities, employees can afford their dream homes.



Unlimited transit pass in Hamilton is roughly $40 cheaper per month compared to Toronto.
26 mins.
Employees and residents spend less time commuting, with an average duration of 26 minutes.
One third of all commuter trips are less than 5km, making it truly walkable and bikeable, with over 200km of bike lanes.
Hamilton is one of Southern Ontario’s least congested cities, with only 8% of drive time spent in congestion (compared to 12% in Toronto), meaning employees spend less time and money driving to and from work.


arts, culture & nightlife
Arts, culture, and nightlife activities in Hamilton are more affordable than other urban centres in Ontario.
Restaurant prices and groceries are upwards of 20% less expensive than Toronto—so your employees’ wages go much further whether they are dining in or out.
Quality of life
Overall purchasing power is greater for Hamilton residents, which is a clear indicator of a higher quality of life.
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