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The Cost of Business in Hamilton

Industrial workspaces are available within Hamilton, in business parks or spread throughout the city. Development charges in Hamilton are 50% lower than other Greater Toronto Area municipalities.

New Non-Residential DC Rates

Non-Residential $
per sq.ft. of Gross Floor Area
Industrial $
39% reduction from calculated rate
2023 Calculated Rate – Combined Sewer System21.6112.86
2023 Calculated Rate – Separated Sewer System24.1314.39

Effective November 8, 2022 – July 5, 2023

Office spaces in Hamilton are on average $14.85/sq ft for modern high-rise spaces, converted lofts, and updated, yet funky, inspirational spaces. In comparison, Toronto’s office spaces are $25.71/sq ft on average—almost twice the price, yet you can reach the same markets, workforce, and supply chain from Hamilton (Colliers, 2022).

With less spend on real estate, companies in Hamilton are able to instead invest in other important activities, such as research and development and talent acquisition. Grants and tax credits are available for innovation, and downtown redevelopment as well as brownfield remediation financial incentives exist.

You can also save on development charges and oversight in Hamilton by working with the Economic Development team (who is based in the City of Hamilton building and works directly with city engineers and planners). Please contact the team to make the development process easier for your company.

Tax Calculators for Hamilton

Contact the Hamilton Economic Development team for detailed information on tax rates for commercial and residential properties in Hamilton. You can also view property tax resources provided by the City of Hamilton.

property tax resources

Utility Rates in Hamilton

A rich utility infrastructure exists in Hamilton to support power-intensive businesses, such as advanced manufacturing. For estimates of utility rates, you can use the link below or contact the Hamilton Economic Development team.

Utility rate estimates