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UPS Delivers on $65 million, 315,000-square-foot warehouse in Hamilton
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Hamilton: where innovation goes to work

Hamilton is home to world-class universities, colleges, and research-intensive companies that have created an ideal environment for new product development and innovation. Industry and academia work together in Hamilton to lower commercialization costs and bring products to market.

With a quarter of residents born in another country, the city welcomes newcomers.
Workforce within a one-hour drive of Hamilton.

We Are Hamilton. 
We are Ready.

One of the nation’s most diversified economies, the fastest growing mid-sized city for tech talent and a fantastic community approach to supporting investment big and small.



Hamilton is less than an hour west of Toronto – Canada’s largest city – in southern Ontario, the country’s most densely populated and economically-advanced region. We’re also less than an hour’s drive from five major border crossings to the United States.

Hamilton has direct access to a workforce of over 2 million people.

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