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Hamilton's Economic Development Action Plan - A blueprint for our economic future
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hamilton’s access to top talent

Hamilton has a workforce of over 400,000 highly skilled and diverse people.

With over 45,000 students at McMaster University and Mohawk College, the labour pool is regularly infused with skilled workers ready to contribute to Hamilton’s creative, technical, and healthcare-related industries. The proximity to Ontario’s largest populations means businesses operating in Hamilton can easily hire from a wide variety of applicable sectors.


This innovative program connects new graduates from the Faculty of Humanities at McMaster University with reputable Hamilton-based employers like you.  Students will gain an opportunity to complete meaningful projects in a work environment that fosters learning, networking and development, and you will receive financial support to access a highly motivated and skilled talent pool.

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Details of the Local Workforce

The map below enables you to dig deeper and analyze the size and location of the local workforce by education, occupation and industry of employment.

By selecting the relevant toggles in any of the 3 categories you will notice that the total available workforce changes accordingly. Zooming in and out will allow you to further narrow your analysis by focusing on specific areas and don’t forget to click on the census designated polygons for even more granular data!

Hamilton is a city of workers

Over 78% of the population is eligible for employment.
The current unemployment rate of 3.9% is the lowest in all of Ontario

Top Employers in the City of Hamilton

Hamilton’s Unparalleled Diversity

Hamilton is Canada’s most diverse economy and it is quickly growing. The city’s annual economic growth has regularly outpaced national averages, and more than 18% of its population identifies as visible minorities. Among immigrants arriving within the past five years, 35% hold a university certificate, diploma, or degree at a bachelor’s level or above. (2016 Census)

Access to talent with a vast array of skills and backgrounds can boost your company’s capacity for innovation. In Hamilton, a diverse team can also open doors to important international connections, helping you establish your company in the global marketplace faster.

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