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Creative Industries in Hamilton, Ontario

Snapshot of the Creative Industries in Hamilton

Hamilton’s Creative Industries Sector includes film, music, fashion, visual and applied arts, live performance, and written and published works. This sector has recently experienced a 16% increase in employment and has ~ 2,500 businesses that call Hamilton home. Consistent and accelerated growth is currently seen in the film, music and fashion industries.

30,000 People who live in Hamilton work in the Creative Industries which represents 11% of Hamilton’s labour force. 50% are between the ages of 25-44 years old.
$72.8 Million Was spent on film productions in 2022 in Hamilton. 986 film permits were issued last year in 2022.

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Hamilton has 9,140 film workers and 901 film business, making it the 3rd largest cluster of film businesses in Canada. 

All year-round, our city attracts both tentpole and mid-tier productions who want to work with local film companies and talent. 

Hamilton is an excellent film city because it is adaptable, diverse, gritty, beautiful, and offers a wide range of quality of film locations. 

In addition to filming outside the GTA, production companies can access an additional tax credit:

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Hamilton’s music industry has 7,725 workers and 541 businesses, making it the 6th largest cluster of music businesses in Canada.

We have more independent musicians per capita than many top tier cities worldwide, while being the top destination for music occupations in Canada.

Hamilton is one of the first Canadian cities to develop a Music Strategy.

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With a growing number of fashion designers, Hamilton has 521 fashion businesses and is the 5th largest cluster of fashion businesses across Canada.

There are 7,540 people who live in Hamilton that are employed in the fashion sector and two major fashion clusters located on James Street North (between Barton and King) and Ottawa Street North (between Dunsmure Road and Barton Street).

“Hamilton has always been a major Canadian music town with a strong arts community. Significant growth is happening for film and fashion generating even more creativity, economic activity and momentum in our community. Create your new story here in Hamilton.”

Debbie Spence,
Creative Industries Lead, City of Hamilton

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