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Creative Industries in Hamilton, Ontario

Snapshot of the Creative Industries in Hamilton

Hamilton is home to musicians, artists, writers, filmmakers, and fashion designers making up an extensive workforce for the city’s vibrant creative industries. Leading areas for growth and market competitiveness within the sector: Film, music, and fashion.

30,000 11% of Hamilton’s labour force (30,000 people) work in creative industries. 16% growth from 2011 – 2016, which was higher than provincial (12%) and national (10%) averages.
$60 Million 901 film businesses are located in Hamilton and in 2018 the City issued 811 film permits resulting in $60M in direct spend back to Hamilton businesses and residents.


Creative industries in Hamilton are as diverse as the population, contributing to a vibrant cultural scene that is desirable for artists and creative industry entrepreneurs.

Creative professionals are highly educated and represent a younger demographic with 50% between the ages of 25 and 44. Hamilton has the 7th highest number of musicians per capita in the world, and is home to the 3rd largest cluster of film businesses and the 5th largest cluster of fashion businesses across Canada.

Hamilton is committed to supporting this growing sector, and recently released an approved Creative Industry Sector Profile that provides detailed insights and actions for the future.

Key to maintaining and growing this sector are the core creatives: musicians, actors, writers, designers, and visual artists. The city supports these artists through funding programs and business development.

“Hamilton has always been a major Canadian music town with a strong arts community. Significant growth is happening for film and fashion generating even more creativity, economic activity and momentum in our community. Create your new story here in Hamilton.”

Debbie Spence,
Creative Industries Lead, City of Hamilton

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