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Hamilton’s industries were built from a backbone of steel manufacturing and textiles, which have since grown into exceptionally advanced technology-driven businesses. This industrious approach to business is a significant point of pride in Hamilton. As a result, many other businesses launched in the city carry the same spirit of innovation and hard work.

Support For Commercialization In Hamilton

Hamilton’s pronounced focus on research and innovation makes it a natural choice for new businesses. The city’s reputation as hard working, creative, and innovative has made it a popular destination for ventures in entrepreneurship.

Established Support Networks for Hamilton Businesses:

McMaster Innovation Park

Houses over 40 businesses focused on innovation and commercialization, including CanmetMATERIALS and the McMaster Automotive Resource Centre.

Innovation Factory

Helping entrepreneurs build businesses around their product/service and guiding small and medium-sized enterprises to scale through workshops, programming, and mentoring

McMaster Industry Liaison Office

Dedicated to helping new products reach their intended markets by creating links between academia and industry.

IDEAWORKS at Mohawk College

Offers participating businesses customized research applications for specific projects, while simultaneously providing students with real-world, hands-on research experience.

The Forge

Tech start-up incubator within McMaster Innovation Park, providing seed funding, workspace, prototyping equipment, and mentorship.


Provides one-on-one mentorship to current students or alumni of Mohawk College who are entrepreneurs or who want to become entrepreneurs

The benefits of academics and professionals working so closely together means its less expensive to develop new technologies.

Emerging researchers and future business executives also receive practical training by collaborating with local companies.

Universities and Colleges Provide Partnership for Research and Innovation

Hamilton’s universities and colleges educate an expert workforce to support the constant innovation required for industries to thrive. These institutions also partner with local companies to push the limits of technology and better understand the current and future needs of the business community.

McMaster University

McMaster University is known for its research in biomedical engineering, life sciences, advanced manufacturing, and nuclear engineering. The Fraunhofer Project Centre for Biomedical Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing (BEAM) at McMaster Innovation Park is a perfect example of industry and academia collaboration. Both McMaster University and Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology both bring experience in medicine and engineering, but now are applying their knowledge to manufacturing. The joint effort is centred around creating instruments and sensors to enable cell production processes. With the help of McMaster, commercialization of these projects is more affordable for Fraunhofer.

Mohawk College

Mohawk College is Ontario’s largest educator of apprentices, from the skilled trades in manufacturing and technology, through to healthcare. There are three campuses in Hamilton with over 17,000 students enrolled every year, increasing the technically-inclined labour force.

Brock University Campus, Collège Boréal and Redeemer College University

In addition, Hamilton is home to a Brock University campus that specializes in educating teachers. These skilled professionals are a key piece of preparing the future workforce in Hamilton and beyond for careers in research and innovation. Other resident educational institutions include the French language Collège Boréal and Redeemer College University.