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Where is Hamilton, Ontario?

Hamilton is located less than an hour west of Canada’s largest city (Toronto) in Southern Ontario- Canada’s most densely populated and economically advanced region- and under an hour away from five major border crossings to the United States of America. Within a 1 hour drive of Hamilton is a workforce of over 2 Million people.

The city is close to major business hubs, ports of entry, and Canada’s busiest international airport. The Port of Hamilton is the busiest in all of the Canadian Great Lakes, and the Hamilton International Airport is the busiest overnight express cargo airport in the country. With readily available options for both travel and shipping, transportation of goods and people is easy.

Hamilton, Ontario Is Where Innovation Goes To Work

With a legacy of research in advanced industries, Hamilton has the resources, talent, and support systems in place to accommodate growth and innovation for cutting-edge businesses. Your business can start, relocate, or expand in Hamilton’s industrial business parks and innovation centres. The City of Hamilton’s investment team is ready to help you find everything you need to prosper.

Business Parks Business improvement areas

Hamilton Transportation:
Rail, Sea, Road, and Air

Extensive transportation and shipping options—the best in the province of Ontario—are available in Hamilton making it easy to ship and receive.

John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport

One of Canada’s largest cargo freighter networks, with no curfew, is a huge competitive advantage that enables overnight cargo shipments. The airport operates 24/7 offering onsite customs clearance.

Port of Hamilton

Ontario’s largest port by tonnage and one of the busiest seaports in Canada. The Port offers transload services including product transfer, scaling, streaming, and delivery, making the Port a viable option for businesses to move goods.

CN train

Freight and Passenger Rail

Allows for affordable movement of goods by rail across Canada and into the US, with international facilities available.

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Highway 401

The busiest highway in North America, connecting to the US in Windsor, Ontario and continuing east to the neighbouring province of Quebec, is less than a 30 minute drive from the centre of Hamilton, offering efficient goods transportation through Ontario.

Long exposure of cars

The Queen Elizabeth Way

The major highway connecting Toronto to the Niagara Peninsula and Buffalo, New York, facilitating trade between Canada and the US.

Plus, There’s More Within An Hour’s Drive of Hamilton, Ontario

Hamilton is close to many cities with available tech-savvy workforces, institutions, and support services for you to draw from. Availability of space in Hamilton offers an opportunity for businesses to grow, while still being close to North America’s large customer and supply chain pools.

Icon of USA flag

US Border

Close access to major upstate New York cities, such as Buffalo, represents additional business and trade opportunities for Hamilton-based companies.

Toronto Pearson International Airport

An important North American gateway for people, products, and services, as well as being Canada’s busiest airport.

Downtown Toronto

A financial and technology-heavy centre offers nearby additional resources, expertise, and talent for growing businesses.

Post-Secondary Education

There are 23 institutions within a short drive of Hamilton that provide skilled professionals and collaboration options for industry.

Large Labour Pool

Hamilton and the surrounding area have a population of 4.4 million, with a large labour force of 2 million.

See the Workforce

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Do you want to see what resources are available to you in person? Book a site visit to tour the city, business parks, and available land to accommodate your needs.

Witness more of Hamilton’s strength in the tailored experience team members provide to individual businesses: make contact, get information, and connect with experts that can help.