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Immigration Matters

Did you know that about two-thirds of Hamilton’s population growth comes from immigration? Overall, our newcomers are highly educated and skilled, often bringing language and cultural connections to new markets at home and abroad.

Immigration accounts for 100% of Canada’s net labour force growth. In the next three years, Canada will receive more than 1 million new immigrants to accelerate economic growth and ensure Canada has the workers it needs to fill crucial labour market gaps.

In recognition that immigration is vital to Hamilton’s current and future economy, the Hamilton Immigration Partnership Council (HIPC) is housed in Economic Development. HIPC is a community table that brings together leaders from various sectors to facilitate seamless settlement experiences for newcomers.

We have newcomers covered from attraction to integration. While the Economic Development Division’s business team and Global Hamilton section take care of the business needs of newcomers, new investors and new businesses, we focus on helping newcomers access services and move forward. Business and investment opportunities in Hamilton attract people, and being a welcoming and inclusive place makes people stay in Hamilton – that is where HIPC comes in.

HIPC is a key ingredient in Hamilton’s recipe for immigrant attraction and retention.

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HIPC Helps Employers

HIPC is connected to local organizations that provide language instruction, skills upgrading and orientation to Canadian workplace culture to Hamilton’s newcomers.

If you have hiring needs and wish to connect to this talent pool, HIPC can help.

If you have employees who could benefit from language instruction or other supports, HIPC can help.

HIPC is a knowledge broker. We monitor immigration trends, policy, and local impact, using this knowledge to create presentations and reports on various topics of interest identified by our partners.  Check out the reports section of our website.

HIPC Helps Newcomers

HIPC has strong connections with the settlement and education ecosystems in Hamilton. Through our multi-sector partners, we ensure that, upon arrival, newcomers have access to their basic needs in the areas of housing, employment, language and health services.

Our partnerships also are critical to ensure newcomers integrate in their communities by accessing services and promoting civic engagement. HIPC is funded by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada.  

Immigrants in the Labour Market

Hamilton’s recent immigrant population is highly educated, with almost half of them having a university degree – double the proportion of Hamilton’s Canadian-born population. Of all Hamilton residents holding a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) degree higher than a Bachelor, more than half (56%) are immigrants. Immigrants are employed in various sectors and occupations in Hamilton, but they are overrepresented in healthcare and social assistance – 15.5% of immigrants worked in these industries compared to only 12.3% of the non-immigrant population.

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For the Full Picture, Contact City of Hamilton’s HIPC Lead: Sarah Wayland

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