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Did you know the Life Sciences sector includes a more than $4 Billion spend in the Hamilton region?

As the focus on human health, protection from disease and treatment for a number of illnesses drives the global Life Sciences sector, Hamilton is at the forefront of this effort in Canada.  The great number of facilities (including Canada’s only nuclear reactor for medical research) and the decades of international Life Sciences research excellence makes Hamilton one of the strongest communities in the nation to advance medical research and manufacturing.  In recent years, Hamilton has benefitted from major investments from Fusion Pharmaceuticals, Stryker and Affinity Biological. 

If you have a Life Sciences investment and are looking for help from Hamilton’s Economic Development Office to start an operation, expand a facility, and/or find new markets contact us!

Hamilton is at the heart of Canada’s economic engine and is centrally located within an hour’s drive of Toronto and the US border- providing its companies with quick access to 460 million consumers in North America and beyond.  Hamilton also shares in strong partnerships with over 20 post-secondary institutions in the region and in particular the University of Waterloo, Communitech, the University of Toronto and the MaRS Innovation Hub.

Stemcell Lab Hamilton
Hamilton King West

An industry of great growth, the Life Sciences sector in Hamilton employs over 30,000 life sciences professionals and over 1,500 researchers

Along with this, Hamilton is home to Canada’s most research intensive university and the university in the top 2 globally for research impact (McMaster University). More research is creating more jobs and more discoveries for individuals globally- making Hamilton a strong community for Life Sciences investment. 

MIP McMaster Innovation Park

A healthy community relies on a strong hospital network.  Hamilton’s largest hospital network (Hamilton Health Sciences) is one of the 25 most influential research communities in the world and offers general and specialized health services to a population not only in the city, but across the region. 

Hamilton is also home to over 40 Health Research Centres and Institutes, Canada’s largest biobank, Canada’s premier health research institute and Canada’s only Technology Access Centre in Digital Health.

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For the Full Picture, Contact City of Hamilton’s Life Sciences Lead: Asmaa Al-Hashimi