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Facebook Blueprint – Learn New Marketing Skills With Free Online Courses

Facebook Blueprint Courses

With more businesses looking to maximize their online opportunities and in some cases completely pivot their business model to online only amid COVID-19, learning how to market and grow your business online has never been more important.

As explained by Facebook:

“As businesses around the world are shifting their focus online, many are wondering where to start. To help with this transition, our business education program, Facebook Blueprint, launched 15 new courses that cover the fundamentals. As always, our Blueprint courses are free, and we’ve made lessons even more straightforward, putting concepts into context with storytelling and offering downloadable materials to help bring what you learn to life.”

Luckily for us, tech giants like Facebook, Google, HubSpot, and others have made the process of learning these new essential skills easier than ever before by producing a wealth of free learning resources.

But with so many options available, where do you start?

The answer …. Facebook. More specifically, Facebook Blueprint.


With approx. 2.4 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the largest social media platform around.

To put it into context, Facebook has more monthly active users than the population of the worlds largest country (by population), China. It’s also a great platform to reach just about any demographic and the power of Facebook’s ad targeting tools make reaching your customer persona(s) and audiences that much easier.

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In this post we are going to take a look at the Facebook Blueprint platform and how it can help you not only improve your marketing efforts on Facebook and Instagram, but also in your other online marketing channels.

Facebook Blueprint

Launched in 2015, Facebook Blueprint is an e-learning platform that offers free, bite sized, self-paced courses on Facebook and Instagram advertising. It includes over 90 courses most of which can be completed in as little as 15-60 minutes.

Facebook Blueprint is a great way for digital marketers to stay on top of Facebook’s ever evolving portfolio of tools, ad formats, and digital marketing basics.

All you need is a Facebook log-in to start learning.

Facebook Blueprint homepage screenshot

The Blueprint catalog offers a range of beginner and intermediate courses across the following categories:

  • Digital marketing essentials
  • Promote your business with a Facebook page
  • Build your business with Instagram
  • Start selling products online
  • Facebook marketing for public figures
  • Facebook marketing for content creators

Within these categories you will find dozens of related topics to discover and learn more about.

Facebook Blueprint course directory screenshot

See the complete directory of available beginner courses here.

Featured courses

With the sheer number of courses available on the Blueprint platform it would be hard to cover them all, not to mention a bit drab to read.

Instead, we’ve decided to feature a handful of Blueprint courses that are best suited to the beginner looking to dive into Facebook and Instagram marketing. Click on the “Start Course Now” buttons below to start learning right away.

Looking for something a bit more advanced?

Facebook blueprint also offers a number of advanced courses and tutorials that can take your learning experience even further.

You can also set yourself apart in your organization or market by becoming a Facebook Blueprint certified professional.

Facebook Blueprint certification badges
Facebook Blueprint certification badges

Who should take Facebook Blueprint courses?

Facebook Blueprint courses are designed to be helpful to anyone interested in marketing on the Facebook or Instagram platform. Because the platform and learning resources are free and remote, Facebook Blueprint is the perfect starting point for new online entrepreneurs, marketers, small business owners and not-for-profits.

Blueprint on YouTube

Prefer to learn by watching video? Your in luck.

Facebook Blueprint has an extensive YouTube channel of educational videos, perfect for businesses that are just getting started with marketing on Facebook. These two to three minute videos will walk you through the steps of creating your first post, using Facebook Events to promote your business and more.

Getting started with Facebook video
Grow your business with Facebook video
visit the blueprint youtube channel now