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advisory services to help businesses succeed

Business Advisory Group

BAG is a not-for-profit, incorporated organization of business persons, senior managers and professionals, working together as volunteers. Over the years, BAG has helped start-ups, established businesses, both successful and troubled, and individuals who simply wanted to explore the possibility of creating a business.  

1000+ business helped
Assisting businesses since 1984

About the Business Advisory Group

Since 1984, Business Advisory Group (BAG) and its predecessors have assisted over 1,000 clients to improve their businesses by helping to achieve:

  • Higher Profits
  • Increased Sales
  • Improved Cash Flow and Financing
  • Expansion of Product/Services/Markets
  • Business, Marketing and Succession Plans
  • Improved Management Control and Reporting
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The Best Part

BAG is a volunteer organization where members offer their time and expertise without compensation. BAG serves business owners and management teams through an active dialogue and written reports focused on the opportunities, challenges and issues facing your business, and listing alternative suggestions as possible solutions going forward.

The only cost to clients is some time and a $150.00 fee to cover BAG’s administration expenses. For more information, please call: 905-381-1999.

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