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She Means Business

This small group for women entrepreneurs is a space where your vision is met with excitement, challenges are faced head-on, action is consistent and, accountability is real.

Ongoing connection & support
Tools, Templates & Resources

About the Program:

What would it feel like to see real momentum build in your business? You know, the kind of momentum that makes you set aside your doubts and self-imposed limitations. The kind of momentum that produces results and elevates you as an entrepreneur to make even bigger strides toward your vision.

If that sounds like something you’d like to achieve, we’d like to invite you to join She Means Business – A Success Pod for Entrepreneurial Women.

The Spring cohort application portal is now CLOSED. Thank you to everyone who applied.

The Success Pod Experience:

  • Your weekly dose of Clarity, Action & Accountability
    Our weekly, 90-minute pod sessions provide a space for each member of the group to focus on a key area of business.
  • Ongoing connection & support in our Private Online Hub
    This safe space is available to members 24/7 and provides a place for further connection, support, and accountability with other pod members.
  • A small group of women working together and supporting each other on the journey to greater success.
    Limited to only 5 women – there is ample time and space for all members to share and grow each week.
  • Tools, Templates & Resources
    Gain access to Jenn’s library of resources, tools, and downloads to elevate your business.

Download the program info sheet here.

How to Apply:

Book a Quick Pitch interview to discuss your business with the program team today.

During the Zoom call, be sure to:

  • introduce yourself and your business
  • describe what’s the next big step you want to take in your business within the next 3 months that sits outside of your comfort zone
  • talk about what you hope to get out of being part of the pod
  • explain how the pod will be even more vibrant with you as a member

Eligibility: Women entrepreneurs interested must be located in Hamilton or the surrounding area (Stoney Creek, Waterdown, Ancaster, Dundas).

Meet Your Business Coach – Jenn Hudder:

Jenn is a long-time entrepreneur and after 13 years of building her own business, she wanted to help other women do the same. Through Honeyflow Coaching, she works with female business owners to support them in getting crystal clear on what a successful entrepreneurial story sounds like for them. Jenn works closely with her clients – helping them learn new skills, and explore new possibilities in their business all while staying focused, brave and expansive throughout the journey.

Jenn believes that with experience comes wisdom and that wisdom is to be shared with those who could use it most. She brings her own 15+ years of business triumphs, hard-knocks, pivots (both planned and unplanned), and lived experience to her coaching, speaking, community building, and facilitation work.