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A New Accessory Aimed To Change The Dating Game (ShopHERE)

Originally published on March 26, 2021 by Digital Main Street

This revolutionary new tool can be found online and is sure to disrupt the dating world, but not in the way you think. Meet Jelaine Foster, a young entrepreneur who has set out to change “what single looks like” because she feels it’s time to stop assuming someone’s relationship status based on their appearance. Jelaine is the founder of Soltera Ring, an accessory that identifies a person as single. “Single meaning – someone who is unmarried, not in a serious committed relationship, or not part of a civil union.”

She is looking to bring dating back to basics – through talking, connecting, and meeting people the “old fashioned” way. As someone who was tired of swiping for a seemingly superficial connection and time wasted on “keyboard warriors,” Jelaine wanted to find a way to create more authentic connections in everyday places.

“Soltera rings exist to bring people together, explore potential relationships, and help start a conversation.”

The goal is to have society become accepting of people either wearing a wedding ring or a single ring. “It has become so hard to connect with people these days, so many of our interactions are already online, people are yearning for human connection, and the Soltera Ring offers just that.”

Soltera Ring Website Screenshot
Soltera Ring Website Screenshot
Soltera Ring Website Screenshot
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You can browse four unique Soltera Ring styles on the newly launched online store Jelaine’s e-Commerce site was built by the ShopHERE Program Powered By Google through Digital Main Street. As a small business owner, Jelaine knew that launching a product that promotes in-person relationships during the COVID-19 Pandemic was going to be challenging, and that she would have to shift her game plan. Digital Main Street took her through a digital transformation journey. For Jelaine this felt like the last piece of the puzzle, and also the most impactful.

What helped the most along her ShopHERE journey was that her e-Commerce Coordinator showed a passion for her business; offering new ideas and valuable insights on how Jelaine could improve her online presence; and reach a larger audience. Having the input and support of an expert has made the world of difference. If you or someone you know want to gain valuable insights into e-Commerce and start selling your product or service online, sign up for the ShopHERE Program here.

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