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Hamilton’s diverse TALENT and workforce

As Canada’s most diverse economy, Hamilton, Ontario is a welcoming and accepting place to call home for people from all over the world. Its multicultural workforce is a strength for industry.

Key Points:
• Hamilton has access to a large and talented workforce
• Over 20 post-secondary institutions within a one-hour drive of Hamilton to draw talent from
• Hamilton is an attractive city for skilled immigrants
• Strong population growth outside of Toronto

Meet a Hamiltonian Immigrant Entrepreneur

We sat down with Israel Gasperin, Founder and CEO of Zentrela, a tech company that developed a neurotechnology platform to objectively quantify cannabis psychoactive effects. Zentrela is a Hamilton-grown company, with five team members from Mexico, China, Turkey and Canada!


1 in 4
1 in 4 Hamilton residents was born outside of Canada — foreign nationals from all over the world are able to find cultural community and connection.
4000 to 5000 new immigrants land in Hamilton every year — the city’s workforce is becoming even more diversified over time.
7,000 post secondary
7000 international students live, study, and work in Hamilton each year — young and tech-savvy talent continues to strengthen the city’s labour pool.
Language and Settlement SERVICES
Hamilton offers a robust range of language and settlement services for newcomers — the city is dedicated to helping new residents succeed.
Portrait of Brian Morris

For the Full Picture, Contact City of Hamilton’s Senior Business Development Consultant, Investment & Trade: Brian Morris

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