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McMaster-led study to revolutionize cancer care backed by $4.9M Pfizer investment

A groundbreaking study led by McMaster University, aimed at transforming how Canadians with multiple myeloma receive treatment, has secured a $4.9 million investment from Pfizer. The EMBRACE study, coordinated through the Ontario Clinical Oncology Group, will focus on enabling adult patients with relapsed or refractory multiple myeloma (RRMM) to receive safe and effective treatment in the comfort of their homes.

Multiple myeloma, the second most common blood cancer in Canada, affects thousands of individuals annually. This innovative research could significantly improve patient’s quality of life while reducing pressure on the healthcare system.

“Multiple myeloma is a blood cancer that can cause significant morbidity and mortality,” explains Dr. Hira Mian, study lead and assistant professor at McMaster University’s Department of Oncology. “Our study will evaluate whether treatment can be delivered safely to patients at home, using remote patient monitoring as one of the measures.”

Utilizing cutting-edge technology will allow physicians to closely monitor patients’ vital signs remotely, minimizing the need for frequent hospital visits and improving the overall patient experience. Additionally, the study will investigate how adjusting treatment dosing intervals may decrease the risk of infections, a significant concern for multiple myeloma patients.

In July, EMBRACE will be launched across five Canadian sites: Hamilton, Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver.

“We are committed to supporting patients and the multiple myeloma community affected by this difficult disease,” states Andrew Brown, medical affairs lead, Oncology at Pfizer Canada. “This partnership with Dr. Mian, Dr. Bahlis, and McMaster University is a testament to our dedication to advancing research and improving outcomes for those living with multiple myeloma.”


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