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Immersive Lab Space and VR Room to Launch In Hamilton

Virtualware, a leading VR solution provider, has partnered with the Faculty of Engineering at McMaster University to launch an immersive lab space and VR room at McMaster Innovation Park (MIP). Virtualware specializes in developing digital business models for industrial applications and is headquartered in Spain with a North American office in Hamilton.

Through the 4-year partnership, Virtualware and McMaster Engineering will scale Virtualware’s VR enterprise platform VIROO, unveiling a 100m2 custom-built immersive room enabling students, faculty, and businesses to explore the use of VR tools and technologies in the region. By blending physical and virtual workspaces, the award-winning platform will promote the adoption of VR in research and academia and will help educators and researchers guide students in wholesome learning experiences, preparing them with skills for the future workforce. Up to 6 people can interact in the same physical room, collaborating with remote users in the VR space in real time.

In addition to education, the organizations plan to create an impact in the local business community by providing companies and strategic partners with opportunities to leverage VR technology. As a result, MIP has been selected as the location for the innovative lab, further strengthening the intersection of academia and industry.

VIROO at MIP is expected to officially launch in early 2023.

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(Source for photos: Virtualware)