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Lift off! John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport significantly grows air cargo traffic

John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport has experienced momentous growth in air cargo traffic. According to Statistics Canada, Hamilton International has increased cargo transport by 59% since 2017, outpacing the rest of Canada which experienced a 3% decline during this period.

Hamilton’s airport is a key economic driver in the region, delivering 4,720 jobs, and $1.5b in total economic outputs over the last 5 years. A major contributor of these numbers is the cargo business which has experienced 29% growth in the areas of employment, labour income, value added and industry activity according to the airport’s recent Economic Impact Study.

“This steady growth in cargo activity can be attributed to the accelerated shift to e-commerce, alongside the increased demand and movement of a variety of essential medical supplies during the pandemic,” said Cole Horncastle, Executive Managing Director of Hamilton International. “As the largest domestic overnight express cargo airport and the third largest cargo freight airport in Canada, Hamilton International is a key economic driver and vital transportation hub for the Hamilton region and across Ontario.

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