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Infarm is revolutionizing the agricultural “field” in Hamilton and beyond

Hamilton has a strong history in food production and agriculture, and has witnessed transformative innovation in these sectors. Global companies such as Infarm have looked to Hamilton both as a place to grow their business and as a place to grow food in ways that are revolutionary for their use of modern practices and disruptive technologies.

In 2022, Infarm expanded their facilities near the John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport, allowing for indoor vertical farming that grows  crops in vertical climate-controlled containers.

Infarm was founded in Berlin in 2013 and uses hydroponics to produce chemical free food in urban areas. Using the latest technologies in automation and machine learning, Infarm uses 95% less land and water than conventional farms.

The adoption of these novel techniques is vital in feeding Canadians as the demand for food is growing and farmers are contending with worker shortages, climate change, and the decrease of resources. Infarm is already working with local partners and has secured a deal with Sobeys stores to supply food locally. For more details on how Infarm’s technology is revolutionizing farming in Hamilton and throughout Canada read the full article here.