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Oak View Group breaks ground on $280 Hamilton arena project, kicking off downtown revitalization project
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Norm Schleehahn on Good Morning Hamilton

Economic Development Director Norm Schleehahn speaks with Rick Zamperin about Hamilton’s Economic Development Action Plan.

While Hamilton Economic Development has always had economic development strategies, no strategy has ever been as robust as the current 2021-2025 Economic Development Action Plan. In a recent interview with Good Morning Hamilton’s Rick Zamperin, Norm Schleehahn outlines how the current action plan serves as the City’s blueprint for economic development over the next five years.

During the conversation, Norm discusses how the pandemic invited the City to take a broader approach to setting economic development targets. He also notes how the pandemic facilitated the most robust consultation process that has ever gone into one of Hamilton’s economic development strategies.

Other highlights include a discussion of recent investment successes, including additional provincial support for OmniaBio’s biomanufacturing facility at the McMaster Innovation Park, and how Hamilton is working to support the sectors of our local economy that were hit the hardest during the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Listen to the interview here.

Interested in reviewing the 2021-2025 Economic Development Action Plan? Click this link to download a copy.

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