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Hamilton’s Life Sciences Sector Grows with Omniabio Biomanufacturing Hub

The Government of Ontario’s Support for OmniaBio adds a $40 million contribution to the $540 million biomanufacturing project in Hamilton’s Life Sciences Sector.

Hamilton’s life sciences sector is positioned for another major success as Invest Ontario announced on March 31st, 2021, that they would contribute $40 million to constructing OmniaBio’s $540 million biomanufacturing facility at the McMaster Innovation Park.

The investment is part of a strategy more than a decade in the making. In 2010, the Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine (CCRM), OmniaBio’s parent company, and the McMaster Innovation Park agreed to collaborate on creating and commercializing medical techniques focused on gene therapy, cell therapy, and other innovative medical technology.

Upon completion, the facility will become part of a biomanufacturing centre of excellence built at McMaster Innovation Park. It will leverage CCRM/OmniaBio’s existing capabilities by providing Phase III and commercial-scale manufacturing of gene-modified cell therapies and viral vectors while also offering the flexibility to pivot to other advanced therapies in emergencies.

The site will further support the development of Hamilton’s life science workforce by facilitating on-site training via the Canadian Advanced Therapies Training Institute – a CCRM and Montreal-based CellCAN partnership. The site is expected to employ more than 250 highly-skilled workers when it shifts into full-scale production.

Follow this link to learn more about the City of Hamilton supports the life sciences sector. Learn more about CCRM here. Photo via the Hamilton Spectator.