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Hamilton’s Allarta Life Science is Positioned to Revolutionize Diabetes Care

Allarta Life Science explores cell-based therapy as a possible diabetes cure

A century ago, to this very day, Doctors Frederick Banting and Charles Best conducted their first experiments on insulin treatment for diabetes. Their work ensured that diabetes would no longer be a death sentence, and in doing so saved millions of lives around the world.

Now, Hamilton’s Allarta Life Science is working on the next breakthrough in diabetes treatment. Allarta’s approach involves using cell-based therapy. This process uses curative cells do the work that a person’s own cells are no longer capable of doing. In the case of diabetes, this involves producing insulin. However, Allarta’s research can also be applied to the treatment of hemophilia and other currently incurable gene disorders.

Allarta Life Sciences was cofounded in 2019 by McMaster University’s Dr. Harald Stover and Maria Antonakos.

For more information on how Hamilton supports the life sciences, click this link.

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