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Hamilton’s Life Sciences Series: In Conversation with Alex Muggah

Synapse Life Science’s Alex Muggah spoke with about Hamilton’s capacity for medical research and innovation.

Alex Muggah is the Director of the Synapse Life Science Consortium. Synapse Life Science Consortium’s mission is to attract investment into Hamilton, and support the creation of health innovations. Synapse meets this goal through a focus on supporting Hamilton’s life sciences institutions, organizations, and overall healthcare landscape.

In his conversation with, Mr. Muggah notes that Hamilton offers a number of advantages that make our city attractive to life sciences investors. These include the strengths of our educational institutions, a strong talent pipeline, and proven expertise in digital health, medical pharmaceuticals, and radiopharmaceuticals.

Click here to learn more about the McMaster Innovation Park, Mohawk College IDEAWORKS, and how Hamilton supports investment opportunities in the life sciences.

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