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Top7 Intelligent Communities

Hamilton Ontario

City of Hamilton recognized for a 2nd time as Top7 Intelligent Community

The City of Hamilton has been named one of the Top7 Intelligent Communities in the World by the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF). This is Hamilton’s second time achieving this momentous honour having reached the Top7 in 2018 as well.

“This is more evidence of Hamilton’s social and economic transformation in a way that is making us an example to the world,” said Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger. “Hamilton’s approach to workforce development, innovation, and digital inclusion, as well as our proven excellence in advanced manufacturing and research, means we are charting new paths to lasting prosperity for our people, businesses, and institutions.”

In order to be considered an “Intelligent Community” candidates are evaluated based on Six Intelligent Community Indicators (Connectivity, Knowledge Workforce, Innovation, Digital Inclusion, Community Education & Engagement, Sustainability), which provide the conceptual framework for understanding all factors that determine a community’s competitiveness across these domains.

Visit City of Hamilton’s Visual Story Map to learn more about Hamilton’s application.

What is the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF)?

Learn more about ICF Top7 and watch the information video that outlines the selected 2020 Top7 cities which include Adelaide and Sunshine Coast (Australia), Markham (Ontario), Tallinn, (Estonia) and Hudson and Westerville (Ohio, USA). The Intelligent Community Forum is a global network of cities and regions with a think tank at its center. Its mission is to help communities use information and communications technology (ICT) to create inclusive prosperity, tackle social and governance challenges and enrich their quality of life.

How are the Top7 Cities selected?

ICF uses a rigorous analytic method to select the Top7. Each Smart21 Community is invited to complete a detailed questionnaire based on ICF’s Intelligent Community Indicators as well as an annual theme. An international academic team of Analysts reviews the questionnaires, scores each one on dozens of factors, and produces a quantitative ranking of the candidates. The seven highest ranking candidates become ICF’s Top7 Intelligent Communities.

What do the Top7 Cities represent?

The Top7 represent models of economic and social transformation in the 21st Century. They are not the most advanced technology centers, the most wired cities or the fastest growing economies in the world. Instead, each exemplifies best practices in broadband deployment and use, workforce development, innovation, digital inclusion and advocacy that offer lessons to regions, cities, towns and villages around the world. They are charting new paths to lasting prosperity for their citizens, businesses and institutions.

What’s next?

On August 24 and 25, 2020 the City of Hamilton, along with all our partners, will be host to a virtual visit by ICF were Hamilton will get to expand on its Top7 application and compete for the honour to be named Top Intelligent City of 2020.

What is Hamilton’s ICF history?

  • 2020 Selected Smart21 and Top7 Community
  • 2018 Selected Smart21 and Top7 Community
  • 2016 Selected Smart21 Community

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