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Hamilton company debuts mobile mask sanitizing unit

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A Hamilton company has launched Canada’s first mobile N95 mask sanitizing unit in hopes of increasing access to personal protective equipment amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  Nathan Denette / The Canadian Press file photo

Making its debut Tuesday, SteriRight mobile unit, introduced by Bay Area Health Trust, will bring “state-of-the-art” mask disinfection technology to establishments across southwestern Ontario that require its employees to wear N95 masks.
– CEO Peter Kalra.

Using technology that has already been used by local organizations like; Hamilton Health Sciences and Niagara Health, the SteriRight unit houses a Clean Flow Health Care Mini device which was created by Clean Works in Beamsville. According to Peter Klara, The SteriRight unit takes less than a minute to clean a batch of masks using a “hybrid, three-pronged decontamination approach” that includes ultraviolet light (UV-C), ozone and vapourized hydrogen peroxide.

Read the full story here: Hamilton company debuts mobile mask sanitizing unit

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