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Hamilton plant aims to make modular construction mainstream

ED Modular

PhoTO BY: Gary Yokoyama,The Hamilton Spectator

“We like the idea of being in Hamilton because there are a lot of skilled trades people who are eager to do something new” – Xavier Toby, Director of prefabrication and technical sales for ED Modular.

EllisDon, a construction giant plans to build a state-of-the-art plant in Stoney Creek for steel-ribbed offices and other building blocks, that can be stacked like Legos on construction sites. Although, EllisDon has experience with modular construction methods, they have been working through subcontractors. However, since last March, the company has established their first owned and operated division ‘ED Moduler’ devoted to the emerging construction technique.

ED Moduler will be housed in Hamilton at a 300,000-square-foot plant on South Service Road between Frutiland and Fifty road, creating about 200 job opportunities.

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