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Significant expansion planned for P&H flour mill

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HAMILTON, ONTARIO, CANADA — Parrish & Heimbecker, Ltd. (P&H) plans to expand its Hamilton flour mill and grain terminal.

Work is already under way to have the P&H Hamilton site also become the home of a second flour mill, which will make P&H the single largest user of Ontario wheat, the company said.

“Canadian producers are known for growing top quality crops and we are dedicated to not only helping them continue to maintain excellence in crop quality through our crop inputs division but also providing producers with access to worldwide markets through our grain handling, processing and marketing capabilities,” said John Heimbecker, president of Grain Division and executive vice-president, P&H, Ltd. “We are dedicated to continuing to make strategic investments to bring global opportunities to the Canadian farm gate and look forward to continuing to maintain first class partnerships with agricultural producers across Canada.”

The existing P&H Hamilton flour mill, which came online in 2017, increased the company’s capability to receive and process locally-grown Ontario wheat. The expansion of the Hamilton flour mill will double its capacity and is scheduled to become operational in 2020.

According to Sosland Publishing’s 2019 Grain & Milling Annual, The P&H Milling Group has a total wheat flour capacity of 61,800 cwts, a total durum flour capacity of 3,900 cwts and a total rye flour capacity of 300 cwts. P&H’s overall total mill grain storage capacity equals 4,026,000 bushels.

P&H also is expanding its crop inputs business with investments in infrastructure, including a new fertilizer tower in Kerwood, Ontario, Canada. The new tower triples fertilizer blending capacity and the new fertilizer mixer is specifically designed to apply micronutrients, nitrogen stabilizers and liquid additives for more consistent distribution across the acres that the product is applied.

The expansion comes after the company’s November 2018 announcements to build and operate Fraser Grain Terminal, a new export facility in Surrey, British Columbia, and expand its Parrish Siding facility, grain handling and storage upgrades to increase both capacity and efficiency and a new 6,000-tonne fertilizer warehouse.

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