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Business Startup Guides

When first starting a business, knowing the correct information, rules, and regulation for your industry as well as any programs and services that are available to help you achieve your goals is vital.

Below is a list of business how-to guides that cover starting and operating a business across most major industries as well as checklists, and templates specifically for Canadian entrepreneurs.

FedDev Ontario – Business Collections and Guides

A list of guides on key business topics, such as starting a business, hiring employees, importing and exporting, as well as business specific guides, and more from the Government of Canada.

Business essential guides:

  • Starting a Business – Get an overview of the steps needed to start a business in Ontario
  • Financing a Business – Browse the most common financing programs that are available to Ontario business owners
  • Taxes – Find out what tax requirements your business might have
  • Marketing Plan Outline – Browse our resources for information on developing a marketing and advertising strategy for your business
  • Business Plan Guide – Find out what key elements your business plan should include
  • Business Regulations – Find out what the regulations are for common business types and activities
  • Hiring Employees – Learn about the rules and regulations for hiring employees

Other key business guides:

Business Specific Guides:

Food & Agriculture Related Business Guides:

Business Development Bank of Canda (BDC) Guides:

View all available guides from the BDC

Ontario Business Central Guides

Other Guides

Last updated: 3/22/2023