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Developing Your Brand Voice

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By: Romeo Crugnale, Feed the Social

Shine bright like a diamond 💎

Every time you communicate with your customers through digital marketing – be it writing, responding, thanking – you are exercising your brand voice. Brand voice directly shapes customer interactions, with the potential of converting individuals into customers vs. driving them away! Therefore, creating a unique, concise, deliberate brand voice is crucial in the way your business communicates on social media.

Finding a brand voice can sometimes be difficult because the concept is unlike other online optimization strategies. Rather than tracking and analyzing, your job is to plan and practice.

A well-developed brand voice can do many things for your business:

  • Set you apart from competitors
  • Build loyalty by delivering consistent messaging
  • Help authentic engagement with customers
  • Build lasting relationships

Studies show that consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand they trust, with trust often founded upon shared values.

When thinking of brand voice, the topic of tone comes up as well. The two are interchangeable, but also slightly different. Voice is your brand’s personality, described with an adjective; for example, brands can be humorous, professional, or playful. The tone is the subset of your brand’s voice; tone adds flavour to your voice, based on factors including the audience, situation, and channel. Fundamentally, there exists one voice for your brand, and different tones refine your voice.

To establish a strong brand voice, begin by making a list of adjectives you believe describes your brand, based on the core values of your business. Is your business’s personality quirky? Blunt? Fun? Once you’ve compiled a list of these values, you can match your tone and begin developing a plan on how to interact with your customers. A brand that values being quirky may use language that is funny, current, and sometimes even a bit eyebrow-raising 🤨. The same quirky brand might avoid using language that comes off too serious or formal. Figuring out the tone you want to use to communicate your message will allow for the selection of appropriate language that accurately represents your business values and gets to the core of what makes you unique!

Studies show that consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand they trust.”

Your brand voice helps customers better understand your business’s core values, communicating a story, its standards, and the central message. Your unique voice helps humanize the brand, makes relating to your customers more effortless, and helps set you apart from your competition.

Romeo Crugnale, President – Feed the Social

FEED the Social (FEED) is a Hamilton-based company specializing in Digital Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing, including Video and Social Media Marketing. Find FEED online at []. Feed the Social is also a Digital Main Street Vendor for digital services in Hamilton.