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Revive & Thrive Power Lunch Series – Proud, Productive and Providing Value

October 31, 2022 @ 12:00 pm 1:30 pm

A 3-part virtual series that’s part of the Best Day Ever at Work Program

Session 2 – Proud, Productive And Providing Value

What does it feel like when you are at your best? It’s essential to pay close attention to those times as they can reveal your deep motivations and your greatest potential for replicating that feeling of productivity, success, and providing value.

In positive psychology some call it a flow state – it’s inspiring, insightful and downright energizing. It lights you up, and you feel like you can conquer anything. That’s your passion at play (and engagement at work)!

Now imagine you could bottle it. Imagine you had tools to be able to feel that satisfaction on a daily basis. Putting your unique talents to use consistently and intentionally is the key to channelling that power into positive energy. In the darkest times, leaning into the things that bring out your passion and doing more of the things we are naturally hardwired to do, is the key to living your best day ever every day!

About the Presenter:

I’m known for getting people on the same page to get things done, while always having fun!

Hi I’m Jess, or Jessica, or Mama to two great kids, a rescued terrier, and a 120lb Great Dane who thinks she’s a lap dog. I’m a self-proclaimed French fry and guacamole connoisseur, and I’ll always find a subtle way to tell you if you have something in your teeth.

Professionally, I’m a speaker, author, success strategist, and coach, who helps leaders build their dream teams. I believe that leadership happens at all levels and my mission is to empower people to leverage their unique soft skills, strengths and superpowers to live their most optimistic, productive, fulfilled lives.

I’m also a big fan of the Hamilton Small Business Centre and its work to empower entrepreneurs to grow and thrive. More here:

Explore the free seminars and workshops offered through Small Business Centres Ontario. Small Business Centres Ontario is the larger association supporting all 54 Small Business Centres across Ontario providing entrepreneurs with a full range of support services needed to start and successfully grow their small businesses.

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