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Creating a One Liner for Your Business – Capture The Most Peoples’s Attention Without Boring Them

April 30 @ 12:00 pm 12:30 pm

“People don’t buy the best products; they buy the products they can understand the fastest.”

Think about the last time someone asked you “what do you do”? How did you answer it?

As business owners, we get asked this all the time. If you’re like most people, you probably started off by saying something like “my family started the business twenty years ago and then I got involved ….” or maybe you said something like “well, it’s complicated”.

Even if you didn’t answer exactly like above, chances are you answered the question in such a confusing way the person you’re talking to forgot what you said two minutes later. When you don’t have a clear answer to the question “what do you do” it’s almost like asking someone to come into the door of your business and then turning them around and shoving them right back out.

If you don’t answer the question, “what do you do” in a simple way, people will forget about what you said the second you stop talking. Why? Because you haven’t told them the problem that you solve or how you make their life better. You haven’t answered that question in such a way that peaks people’s interest and makes them curious about your brand.

In this short lunchtime session hosted by the Hamilton Business Centre, we’ll cover:

  • what is a one liner and why you need one for your business
  • how to effectively write a compelling one liner for your business that captures the most people’s attention without boring them
  • how to use a one line to position your business so people immediately know the problem you solve and how it will make their life better

Please note: This session will be delivered virtually. A Zoom invitation link will be sent to you in the registration confirmation email. Please be sure to check your email after registering.

If you are unable to attend, please cancel your registration via email or call 905-540-6400.


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