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The Hamilton Heritage Property Grant (HHPG) Program is intended to provide financial assistance in the form of a grant for structural / stability work required to conserve and restore heritage features of properties used for commercial, institutional, industrial or multi-residential purposes; the conservation and restoration of heritage features of properties; and for heritage studies/reports/assessments for properties that are designated under Parts IV or V of the Ontario Heritage Act.

Eligible properties must be located within the following boundaries:

– The following geographic areas as defined through the Revitalizing Hamilton’s Commercial Districts CIPA By-law, as amended:
– All ‘Commercial District’ CIPAs;
– All ‘Strategic Commercial Corridor’ CIPAs;
– The ‘Mount Hope/Airport Gateway’ CIPA; or
– Be designated under Parts IV or V of the Ontario Heritage Act and located within the lower city between Highway 403 and the Red Hill Valley Parkway.

To identify your property’s heritage status, please click this link.