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The Barton/Kenilworth Tax Increment Grant Program (the Program) is intended to provide a Grant to incentivize property owners located along the Barton Street East and Kenilworth Avenue North commercial corridors to develop, redevelop or otherwise improve properties and/or buildings (including designated heritage buildings) in a manner that will support the broader revitalization of these districts as well as generate new municipal property tax revenue through increased property assessments.

As a tax increment-based program, Grants are provided relative to the actual increase in municipal property taxes that are generated as a result of an improvement/development undertaken on a property. Grants are provided over a maximum term of nine annual payments and subject to City Council approval. The pre-development municipal property taxes used for determining the actual municipal property tax increment are those from either the year in which the building permit that initiated the improvement/development was issued or, for projects that do not require a building permit, the year in which City Council approved the Program application. Each annual payment is to be provided based on the municipal property tax increment generated in each of the nine years.