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Global hamilton welcomes the world

The Global Hamilton office takes advantage of our strategic location, being a multi-modal City, located within an hours drive of five major border crossings and is ready to help your business settle in Hamilton and expand into the global marketplace. No matter what your level of readiness, there are a variety of resources and programs to help facilitate global export and trade. Join the Trade Accelerator Program to learn about finding and exporting your business globally or Hamilton’s soft landing program to help settle into the local business ecosystem. Lastly, take advantage of Hamilton’s Foreign Trade Zone point, a federally recognized concierge service to help local Hamilton companies access investment services, incentives, and international trade opportunities.

Working with the Provincial and Federal Governments, Hamilton is a prime destination for export and trade, immigrant entrepreneurs, foreign direct investment and soft-landing space for international companies.  A 2019 study from Envoy Global found that 65 percent of employers considered Canada’s immigration policy more favourable to their operations than US policy, with 38 percent considering an expansion into Canada. Nearly 40 percent said they were considering expanding into Canada, and more than 20 percent said they had already established at least one Canadian office.  Canada is now the third-leading destination of international students where they contribute some $22 billion annually to the country’s economy to help sustain over 170,000 jobs.

If you have a business or investment and are looking for help from Hamilton’s Economic Development Office to start a company, expand your operations, and/or explore new markets, please contact us!

Hamilton’s Soft Landing Program – helping international companies explore the Canadian marketplace by connecting them with real estate opportunities, introductions to partners in the community, and securing talent upon arrival. Hamilton is the gateway to the North American marketplace for international companies to set up and hit the ground running!

Hamilton helps local businesses navigate and identify relevant funding programs, export expertise, events, trade missions and resources. The Trade Accelerator Program (TAP) is a workshop series to help companies accelerate the strategic development of their business and better prepare them for expansion into international markets. This program is facilitated by Invest in Hamilton and the World Trade Centre/Board of Trade with support from Export Development Canada (EDC) , Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) and the Chambers of Commerce in Hamilton.

Hamilton’s Foreign Trade Zone point aims to help businesses expand their reach to international markets through a combination of tax and duty relief programs, tariff exemptions and exclusive concierge investment services by a dedicated group of sector experts.  These individuals are at the ready to assist businesses with inquiries, information, programs and incentives to advance and expand international trade opportunities.  Hamilton’s FTZ point also provides direct contact and programs offered by the Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) as well as the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and various Federal and Provincial programs that may be available.

With a quarter of residents born in another country, the city is a welcoming place for newcomers, new businesses, and new innovative opportunities. Hamilton’s economic diversity is what sets it apart; businesses in a wide range of industries can leverage it to strengthen their teams, trade and collaboration.

Truly unique to the city is the fact that Hamilton’s Immigration Partnership Council (HIPC) operates from within the Economic Development team. The city not only provides traditional settlement services, but it consciously supports entrepreneurial immigrants and helps to address predicted labour shortages for existing businesses in the city.

For more information on HIPC, check out their website:

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For the Full Picture, Contact City of Hamilton’s Investment and Trade Lead: Brian Morris