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Mayor's Task Force on Economic Recovery - Cover Page to Report
Mayor’s Task Force on Economic Recovery – Click to download the report

The Mayor’s Task Force on Economic Recovery will provide multi-sectoral leadership and direction to guide Hamilton’s economic recovery in the immediate aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.  It will formulate an aggressive, action driven plan to position the City of Hamilton now, for
long-term, sustainable and equitable economic recovery.

The Task Force will:

  • Develop an action driven plan to position the City of Hamilton now, for long-term, sustainable and equitable economic recovery.
  • Establish defined outcomes with specific deliverables to address the priority economic impacts of the pandemic confronting Hamilton based industry/businesses, employers and employees.
  • Identify issues and opportunities to convey to other levels of government.
  • Provide advice and assistance in the implementation of the Task Force’s plan for economic recovery.
  • Provide advice and suggestions to the Mayor, Council and senior staff for specific City of Hamilton actions and responses.

Focus: Small businesses and main streets continue to be one of the most vulnerable and hardest hit areas during this crisis. These commercial corridors require new ideas to revive these key economic drivers across the city.

Task Force Members participants:

  • (1) BIA Representative -Kerry Jarvi/Downtown Hamilton
  • (1) Stoney Creek Chamber of Commerce – Patti Hall
  • (1) Restaurant/Hospitality sector – Erin Dunham/The Other Bird
  • (1) Non-profit sector – Kelly Duffin/Goodwill

Staff Resource: 
Kristin Huigenbos, Coordinator, Hamilton Business Centre
Julia Davis, Business Development & BIA Officer

Focus: Covid-19 has affected global supply chains and disrupted many manufacturing operations. Exposed gaps in global supply chains have economic productivity implications.

Task Force Members participants:

  • (1) Manufacturing – Henry Wegiel/Arcelormittal Dofasco
  • (1) Life Sciences – Ty Shattuck/Synapse Life Science Consortium
  • (1) Post-secondary – Gay Yuyitung/McMaster University

Staff Resource:
Alfonso Principato, Business Development Consultant, Advanced Manufacturing
Carolynn Reid, Business Development Consultant, Life Sciences

Focus: Exploring solutions to minimize environmental impact while reducing operational efficiencies in industries that are growing during this crisis

Task Force Members participants:

  • (1) Flamborough Chamber of Commerce – Matteo Pattricelli
  • (1) Agriculture/Food and Beverage Processing Sector – Drew Spoelstra

Staff Resource:
Brian Morris, Business Development Consultant, Agribusiness and Food Processing

Focus: Creative industries andcultural organizations are foundational to creativity, and drive innovation and entrepreneurship. This sector is important to the city’s vitality as well as citizen engagement and retention. 

Task Force Members participants:

  • (1) Arts and Culture Representative – Florencia Bernstein/Workers Art & Heritage Centre
  • (1) Music Industry Sector – Lisa La Rocca/Sonic Unyon Records
  • (1) Film Industry Sector – Bob Munroe

Staff Resource:
Debbie Spence, Business Development Consultant, Creative Industries
Kim Adrovez, Senior Project Manager, Creative Industries & Cultural Development

Focus: Tourism and hospitalitywas of the hardest hit sectors globally and will be slow to recover. Regaining visitor confidence and positioning these sectors to reopen within restrictions will be challenging

Task Force Members participants:

  • (1) Accommodation Sector – Brian Lubbers/Courtyard by Marriot
  • (1) Tourism/Attractions Sector – Rondalyn Brown/Westfield Heritage Village
  • (1) Sports/Entertainment Sector – Matt Afinec/Hamilton Tiger-Cats/ForgeFC

Staff Resource:
Sherry Lucia, Tourism Product Development Specialist, Tourism and Culture
Alana Henderson, Sport Tourism Product Development Specialist, Tourism and Culture

Focus: Many companies are re-examining their real estate expenditures and workplace infrastructure in this new world. A new focus on opportunities for broadband capabilities and the growing remote worker environment.

Task Force Members participants:

  • (1) Hamilton Chamber of Commerce – Keanin Loomis
  • (1) ICT Sector -Rob McCann/Clearcable Networks
  • (1) Social Planning Council of Hamilton – Kim Martin

Staff Resource:
Carolynn Reid, Business Development Consultant, ICT/Digital Media
Karol Murillo, Senior Business Development Consultant, Commercial Districts/Finance, Insurance and Real Estate Sector

Focus: Transportation and infrastructure requires innovative thinking for necessary social distancing and new policies for the reopening of facilities.

Task Force Members participants:

  • (1) Transportation/Logistics – Cathie Puckering/John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport
  • (1) Building/Skilled Trades – Mark Ellerker/Hamilton-Brantford Building and Construction Trades Council
  • (1) Building and Development Industry – Terri Johns/WEHBA

Staff Resource:
Sue Rimac, Business Development Consultant, Goods Movement
Karol Murillo, Senior Business Development Consultant, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate Sector/Commercial Districts

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