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Keeping Your Business Safe During COVID-19

The Hamilton Police Service is committed to providing essential services throughout the city.

We recognize that many businesses have temporarily closed due to COVID-19. As always, we continue proactive patrols and respond to calls for service to ensure the safety and security of our community.

If you observe suspicious activity or individuals, near or close to a business, please call police immediately. Reporting crime and providing relevant information allows our investigators to identify suspects and solve crime.

Please refer to the following safety tips on keeping your business safe:

  • Ensure locks, alarms and CCTV are operational
  • Leave lights on inside and out
  • Remove high-value items from window view
  • Back up all business documentation
  • Display empty cash drawer in window view
  • Track inventory and update insurance coverage
  • Post emergency contact information inside the store
  • When checking your business, do so during the day
  • Tell your business neighbours your plan
  • Report suspicious activity to police at 905-546-4925

To help even further, the Hamilton Police Service has published a Crime Prevention window display to help deter criminal activity from happening to your business and property.

Simply download the poster below, print, and adhere to your business’s front window.

On the reverse side is a handy checklist for you as a business owner to go through each time you leave your business to ensure your premises is as secure and safe as possible.

Crime Prevention Poster – Front (8.5×11)
Crime Prevention Poster – Back (8.5×11)

Free Downloads: